OKids Club (English)

Will the club run this week?
All information (including capacity) is found on our Dutch page. Tap here to check it.
Still having doubts. Just fill in the form below and ask your question in the comments. If you have troubles, feel free to do this in your native language and we will use Google Translate to communicate. Please keep in mind it could be difficult translating conversions in real life at the club between volunteer and child.
Every child from every nationality is welcome at the OKids club and we will do our best efford communicating with them and give them a good time.

Every saturdaymorning from 10AM untill 11:30 AM children in Oldenzaal van join the Outdoor Club. These outdoor days are accessible for all primary school children in and around Oldenzaal. (but we the advisory age is 5-10 years) Untill we have found a new location for the longer term, the outdoor club will take place at parkingspace 1 from Het Hulsbeek

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Every saturdaymorning (from 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM)


Parkingspace 1 from Het Hulsbeek at the entrance for cyclers, about opposite the water purification installation. (if you come by car, you can drop your children here, without having to enter the parking place and having to pay

Oude Almeloseweg 4

Voluntairy donation (optional)

What are we going to do?

Put on your best boots, because we are seeking for adventure. We’re going to the play forest, or with the boots in the water. The kids will decide together!

More questions?
You can contact Ken Beimer, by using Facebook or the (Dutch) contactform .

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